Why Lead generation is important for your business

What is Lead Generation in Sales?

Email Marketing and lead generation

Let’s start by defining lead generation:

What is lead generation?
Lead generation refers to the initiation of a consumer of interest or inquiry into products or services
of a business
Lead is a person. A lead is the contact information of a customer who is interested in a specific
services or products

How do you get leads?

Leads may come from various activities such as telephone calls, personal referrals, through
advertisements and events.
Sources of lead generation for a business could be direct traffic, search engines, and web referrals.
Content marketing, emails, and live events could also be other sources of lead generation. Other
sources of lead generation include online advertisements and social media presence.

Lead generation is the top of the funnel for marketing. It is often combined with email marketing to
nurture the leads through the purchase funnel.

Lead generation is the means of identifying and cultivating potential customer leads for a business.
As a business, you can get leads through surveys and online forms- such as pop-up and inline forms, landing pages, newsletter subscription forms, etc.

For you to collect leads there must be a means to do that.
You will need to create lead generation forms, and position them strategically on your websites, and social
media handles to entice the lead to input his details to get access to a freebie or a lead
For this to work the lead magnet must be what is of value to the leads.

You cannot just wake up and offer what you think your ideal clients wants. Instead of doing that, ask research market questions.

depending on the answer given , you can then create a service or product based on thr answer you received

Let’s say for example, you are selling digital marketing services online, you need contacts and leads
to fill out your form, take your quiz or survey and give you their details which will help you in tailoring
the appropriate product or services for them to buy.

You can use your lead generation quiz to gather market information or research which will help you
to craft an appropriate product or service to sell to the lead.

A lead generation funnel normally contains, a landing page, a lead magnet, and an email marketing
provider services.

A simple lead generation funnel could just be having a landing page in your email provider with a
call to action and a freebie or lead magnet.

Let’s say an example:
You are a copywriter who writes copies for business owners, solopreneurs, and mompreneurs.

You will need for your lead generation activity:

  • A lead magnet or freebie
    A landing page copy
    A call to action
    Connected to the email service.

Simple ways of creating lead magnets

Your lead magnet can be created with Ms. Word, Checklist created with Ms. Excel.

You can create lead magnets in Canva,  and Adobe to be used as a lead magnet to be offered the lead to collect his contact information.

There are also some other software’s that can help you create carefully designed lead magnets.

How are the lead magnet offered?

Facebook Lives

When you present Facebook lives on your page, groups or on a summit,  you can offer it to people to who are interested in what you have .

This  will get them into your email list where you can further nurture them with email marketing sequences leading up to the sale.

Lead magnets are offered in exchange for their email address.

Social Media Profiles-Twitter, Instagram,Facebook

Each of the social media platforms offer a place to link your website, landing page , offer etc.

You will make use of that area.


For example, see the twitter page:

When you click on the edit profile, you will see where to link your lnanding page

Instagram and Facebook Profile

you can see the same where the link point is, use that:

Youtube channel

Under your description of each video, you can add your webiste and landing page url there.  when a viewer decides to click on the link, he or she will be taken to your website or landing page with your lead magnet.

WhatsApp status:

There is now an update on whatsapp status that when you add your link, it pulls the visual of that page onto your profile. And when prospects clicks on the link, he or she will be taken directly to your website or your free offer.

WhatsApp Profile:

also has an area to add your website onto it which is visible to other.

You can attached the lead generation address to your social media profiles so that whoever clicks on
the form and opt in, enters your world.

 Facebook Groups
You can even share your lead magnet in different Facebook groups to your ideal clients.  This happens when you make a post and offer a ceratin information to your ideal clients.  Those interested in what you have to offer will raise their hands under the comment section of the post. You can then nurture and send them the link to your landing page where your lead magnet lives.


You can put the url of your landing page where you are advertising the lead magnet.  This landing page can reside on your website, or your email marketing service platform.

So lead generation is the first process in your business. This because you need people to sell to.

In a business, without leads, there is no sales.

Without visibility, there will be no leads. So for you to make sales, you need visibility. You need to be visible.

What is a Lead Generation funnel?

A lead generation funnel consists of a landing page, a thank you page and a lead magnet and an
email marketing services.
To grow your business, you must be consist in being visible.

If you want to grow your business, you can use Facebook Advertisements

This lead generation process helps you to grow your email list.

We offer these services to business owners who wants to grow their email list using a lead magnets and email nurturing sequences.

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