Is Writing a Profitable Side Hustle?

 Is Writing a Profitable side hustle?

writing jobs, Writing, writing service, copywriting, content writing,  are all the buzzwords now in our times. At every junction, you hear of writing. Most People term themselves as a writer, freelancer, copywriter, content writers, ghostwriters, etc.

We will look at what writing is, who is a writer?

What is writing?

According to Oxford Dictionary, writing is the activity or skill of writing. defines writing as the process of using symbols to communicate thoughts and ideas in a readable form.

Britannica believed that writing is a form of human communication using a set of visible marks that are related by convention to some particular structural level of language.

Merrian-Webster defined writing as the act or the process of who writes. said that writing is a system of graphic symbols that are necessary to convey meaning or the act of composing a text.

Wikipedia believed that ‘writing is a medium of human communication that involves the representation through a system of physically inscribed, mechanically transferred, or digitally represented symbols.’

These and many more are the definitions of writing.

In my opinion, “writing involves the putting down of thoughts or words on paper to educate, entertain and inform readers.”

Writing is the act of processing your thoughts on paper.


Why do we write?

  • You  can write to communicate with others
  • It could be to stimulate interest in others
  • Writing may be to prompt action in others
  • Writing helps you to reflect.
  • When writing for yourself, writing helps you think, learn and comprehend.
  • Writing helps you to express yourself
  • You  can put writing together to inform the reader
  • It might be to educate the reader
  • It enables one to persuade the reader
  • Writing enables you to create a literary work that can last longer than you.
  • In some types of writing, you sell to others or persuade others.

Know the reason why you are writing

As a writer, it is good to identify the reason why you are writing.

If you take a writing job, what are the expectations/goals/outcomes of the writing?

Is the reason to educate, inform, or persuade the readers?

Is the writing to document a process or action for future purposes?

or are you writing to entertain the readers?

is your writing to create a literary piece?


are you writing a story?

Different types of writing

There are different types of writing.

There are

  • Academic writing
  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Advertisements writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Book writing
  • Creative writing


Academic writing:

Under academic writing:

  1. Scientific writing,
  2. Educational writing,
  3. Thesis,
  4. Research papers,
  5. Writing for presentations


Content writing is writing to inform and educate.

You have

  • Article writing
  • Blog writing
  • Press release
  • Product descriptions

Copy Writing

You are writing to sell and persuade others to take action.

  • Writing sales letters
  • Advertisement copy-such as Facebook Ads copy, Google Ads copy, Twitter Ads copy, LinkedIn Ads
  • copy
  • Website copy
  • Landing page copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Brochures


You write for other people.

You are to write

  • e-books,
  • journal,
  • reports,
  • pamphlets e.t.c for businesses and get paid for it.


Book writing

writing could be either

  • fiction or
  • non-fiction books
  • Young adults
  • Children books
  • Prayer books
  • Textbooks
  • Journals

Applications of writing

In fiction, it is all about creativity. You tell stories.

Stories can be captivating. They draw the person in.

Have you wondered how some novels are so captivating that you find it difficult to put them down till you get to the end of the story?

or imagine yourself being in the middle of an interesting movie and your attention is needed somewhere, it then becomes extremely difficult to leave the movie to attend to the other matter. Instead, you are willing to see the end of the movie while the other task waits.

What do you think kept you glued to the television?

It is nothing else than the plot of the story, with the intrigues, the drama e.t.c weaved into the story that has drawn you into it, making you a captive audience.

Those are the power of stories.

Storytelling is an art. Storytelling is an art worth to be learned.

For example, An author can tell the story in her or his novels. A copywriter can tell his or her story in the advertisement copy. A skilled ghostwriter can spin stories for the audience to captivate them and draw them in.

Storytelling is used in creative writing.

Have you watched interesting movies?

The movie follows a script written by a creative scriptwriter.

Some of the soap operas with unending spins, twists, etc., were written by writers.

If you are a fan of Telemundo, Televista, MNet Movies, Netflix. All these are carefully crafted stories.

A drama series is based on a story.

Some movies are written as books and then spin-off as movies. For instance, Harry Porter, Behind Closed Doors, and many more,

A captivating story is always a winner any time, any day.

The art of storytelling is a great skill


Is writing profitable?

Writing is a profitable service to engage in either as a side gig or as a full-time job. When you are a seasoned writer, you make money.

The more experienced you are, the more profitable it becomes.

To make money in writing, you need to specialize in a niche. With specializations, then comes expertise, you become an expert.

Why is this so?

This is because specialization allows you time to dive deeper into that segment that you are in, to have developed in-depth knowledge about it. You have time to research, read and study it the more.

When you have specialized skills, it sets you apart. Higher up the ladder, the competition is less. As an exceptional writer, getting word of mouth and referral advertisements help move your business forward.

Become an expert today and learn about writing.

Do you know with a computer, and or a phone you can become a writer?

For example, you can learn writing skills, hone your writing skills to write your books. Once your books are ready, they can be published on several digital platforms. Those platforms include Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. Once the book is published, and a copy is sold, your money is sent into your account.

You can carry out writing services for other people. additionally, you can register on freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fiverr and advertise your work and get some side gigs to earn an additional income.

A little advertising to potential clients in your area and showcasing

your writing service will help in getting jobs.

Writing takes persevering

Remember that when you are just starting, the pay may be small but as you build expertise and niche down, your expertise starts to pay off. This means that you get a higher payment for your job now than before.

With your writing skills, you can train other people. You can show them the different types of content they can produce.

I have used my writing skills to write some books that are published on Amazon and Gumroad today. Those writings are earning passive income for me. Although, I have other things that I am doing.

A gifted persuasive writer can write stories that can captivate the audience.

You can write for the movies, drama series. If you are lucky, your book might be turned into a movie, you make monies from that too. Your books can be discovered by a literary agent and your book could be published in another language extending the income that you are making from it.

You can write blog posts, article writing that will be published on a blog. The writing skills can be used for some big organizations. The writer can even get a job on a retainer from some clients. Writers can also write brochures, product descriptions, landing copies, sales letters, advertisement copies, and many more for clients to make money.

Writing is profitable but it is not a bed of roses.

Some writers’ income surpassed what they were making in their 9 to 5 days( day jobs) so they quit their day jobs and took up writing full time.

Different types of writers.

we have namely:

  •  authors/ writers.
  •  movie scriptwriters.
  •  storytellers.
  •  fiction writers.
  •  non-fiction writers,
  • copywriters.
  •  ghostwriters.
  • technical writers
  • and speechwriters.

Do you know that most of the speeches given by important personalities like the president, Prime Minister, Senate President, Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Director General, etc are all written by writers?

Is writing a profitable side hustle?

Good persuasive writing is a profitable skill that pays for itself over time.  Good article writing skills are a great skill that almost everyone possesses. Even more important is that you practice, learn, and hone your skills.  This honed writing skills become the money-spinner that you are looking for.

But first, you must work at becoming better at writing. However, you must do the work.

second, with this better writing skill, you are unstoppable. Most importantly,  you begin to make money on the go.

Third, your writing skills start being profitable. Money starts rolling in and life gets better.

Finally, Let me answer the question, is writing a profitable side hustle?  I  believe writing is a profitable side hustle. It pays for itself now and in the long run.

Start from where you are. Learn the skills. Practice your craft, hone your skills, as a result, jobs start queuing up for you.

Join some forums where writing is their focus.

In conclusion, the Writing job is a profitable venture for both newbies and experienced ones. Above all,  It is a profitable side hustle. writing is also profitable as full-time employment. Most importantly, giving you the freedom to work and have more time for family and your significant other.

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