Why Book Writing is a Lucrative Business?

Why Book writing is a lucrative business?


Since infancy, I love books. I can stay awake and read those novels.

And I have always believed in learning new skills.

I love learning.

I love reading books.

I enjoy writing.

I can articles.

I can blog post, SEO Optimized blog posts

I can write books

I can write Copy for Facebook Ads, product descriptions, Landing page copy, email copies, etc.

For me, writing is like a hobby that keeps me enthralled.

I love researching new book ideas.

Researching for new technology, and new ways of doing things.

Inquisitiveness has always been a part of learning.

It helps you to look deeply into new things. It enables you to acquire new knowledge.

Inquisitiveness helps you to make sense of new knowledge.

I stumbled upon Amazon Book writing in the year 2021.

I got hooked. Woo hoo, so I can easily turn the ideas in my head into a book and publish them on Amazon.  This is great.

I found that thought very interesting and I pursued that skill for the whole of 2021. I published some of my books on Amazon.

I got better at writing and publishing books.  Wow, it was a great skill to learn.

Thoroughly enjoyed learning the skill

Book writing is a great skill.

Book Publishing is very interesting

Do you want to write your own book?

Do you want to become a published author?

Do you want to turn your ideas into a book that people can read and learn from?

or do you have books written but needed to be published

Then you do not need to worry anymore.

I am here to help you. contact Dewow enchante for this service

My Journey into book writing and publishing

I stumbled across the training online about KDP publishing books.

Out of curiosity, I joined the Basic class and completed the class.

And they upsold an advanced class for the book publishing.

I paid and joined the class.

Since January 2021 when I took that training my life has never been the same again.

I have ventured out and have written some books published on Amazon and Gumroad.

As I keep writing, I keep getting better and better.

Writing books is no longer a chore but a pleasure.

I am super excited that I met Solomon Okpa, Write for me.  What he taught me has revolutionized my life.

I have turned my creativity into books.  I loved researching and writing.  I do it in my spare time.

I have learned more and more. I have written and published quite a few of my own books.

I have learned relevant digital marketing skills such as

social media marketing, Facebook

email marketing,

and web design( This website was designed and built by Dewow enchante)

Graphics design.

Social media advertising

You Tube–

My Youtube is about to start soon

it has been an exhilarating experience, I am still learning and will keep learning.

So what about you?

Are you committed to lifelong learning? Are you committed to learning new things daily, weekly, and, monthly?

Are you committed to improving yourself daily?

Life can never be as exciting as it is now if have not learned book writing and publishing.

Writing is therapeutic for me. I write to let go of frustrations. I write to relieve stress.

Writing for me is about releasing the flow of the waters

when you are writing, you are in another world.  Writing opens you up to a world of fantasy.

if you can put your ideas on the paper, you are a writer. Discover the hidden genius in you.

Released the caged creativity in you and the juice starts flowing.

If you have a hidden talent that you have not yet identified, release it and let it flow.

for life is about learning.  Lifelong Learning.

Let’s work together to achieve more together.


you can book a discovery call with me if you have some writings to be done.

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