Are you sick and tired of being at one spot?

Life is full of ups and downs

Life is full of ups and downs.  some times, it is very pleasant and sweet and at other times, it is tough.  Sometimes, it appears as if it is an uphill battle.  Nothing seems to be walking. You keep failing at you what you do.  You have tried everything within your power to make it but it seems, nothing is working.

I have failed severally

do not worry.  I have been there. I have struggled with different business ideas and I seem to fail. I tried make-up business, I failed. I learned the skincare business, I failed.  I tried selling clothes and shoes, I failed. I had resigned from my job to try to make it. I failed still.  I was swindled of my money and was jobless for some time before I had to go back to paid employment.

Struggling entrepreneur

But I still believe that I am an entrepreneur.  I got married, have children and there is still that pull to try entrepreneur again.  I tried to get a second Master’s but had to pause it because of Forex issues.  In one of the modules, Digital Competence that I enrolled on in my second master’s program.  A light bulb went off in my brain.  as this is what I ought to have done since.

from there, I started enrolling in some courses to refresh my memory on website design, online courses, etc.  Last year, I built two websites, one for dropshipping and another for my affiliate program. I still failed.

Restarting my entrepreneurial Journey

This year, 2021, I tried different programs online, designed my funnels, redesigned my website, made some improvements to the website. I am still not a guru in anything.

I was buying different courses but most could not help me.  Now I have decided that I will only spend my money on things that matter in business growth.  I decided that I will stop chasing pipe dreams and focus on what will only grow my business.

My resolutions

That is my resolution.  I do not know if I am going to be successful but I am done with chasing fads.  I will only chase what is needed for my business to grow.

and what about you?


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